Terms of Use

Medlio Health Records enables you to download your medical records to your mobile and webs devices through a direct connection with your healthcare provider. All records you receive in connection with this application are stored in encrypted form and protected with your passcode.

In order to help you find your healthcare providers that support records sharing, Medlio can search for your providers by name. With your consent, the location of your device will also be used to provide geographically relevant results. Once you have located your healthcare provider, you will be asked to authenticate with your patient login information. Your medical records will be downloaded to your Medlio account. Your account will use a secure token that will be used to receive medical records. Medlio does not store your patient login information.

You can stop receiving health records at any time by deleting your account. To do so, open the settings, select the delete account option and confirm the delete action. By deleting your account, the records.

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